Launch your e-Commerce Marketplace without having to worry about handling the complex challenges

Complete Digital Infrastructure for SME Trade and Commerce

  • Your own online shopping marketplace for your SME community

  • Integrate your desired payment gateway and merchant system

  • Individual store-fronts for your SMEs, complete with customer, product, invoicing and inventory management mobile app companion.

  • Shipping & Logistics Integration

  • Drive up trade transactions volume by promoting your own marketplace hub

What we solve for...

  • White-label software platform (Marketplace, Global storefront, Mobile App etc.)

  • Full payment Integration (Card, Bank, USSD etc.)

  • Logistics Integration (Pickup, Shipping & Warehousing )

  • Full Technical Support, Including custom features and Integrations (Technical support to implement tailored features and integrations)

  • Support and Operational Personnel (Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Customer Experience and Business Operations).

Tools and Apps for your SMEs

  • Products & Variants

  • Orders & Invoicing

  • Customer Records

  • Branded Mobile App

  • Unique Storefront for each SME

Integrations and Custom Configurations

  • Set Your Own Payment Gateway as default for all transactions

    Establish your preferred payment gateway as the default choice for all transactions, ensuring seamless and efficient payment processing aligned with your business preferences.

  • Request any additional custom features (for a flat fee)

    Expand your platform's functionality according to your unique needs with tailor-made features at a set fee.

Ready to Break free with your Fully Owned, Fully Branded E-Commerce Marketplace?